Guitar & Vocals


Hans has been a major Pink Floyd fan since 1967. He began his musical escapades with the usual covering of songs by his heroes. These included Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield and various ‘heroes’ from the 60s and 70s. The Kralingen festival of 1970 only strengthened the desire to learn and perform these songs.

After playing in various bands, Hans joined Icy Waters, a ambitious band who seriously try to built a musical career. Their performances included a tour of Germany in the early 90s. Hans did not shy away from dutch language songs, supporting Renee de Haan on guitar on her last comeback album.

The BOB was a band with which Hans performed twice in tourist centres in Hurghada (Egypt). Then Hans joined a Pink Floyd Tribute band where he met lead singer Glenn. Remco joined soon. And together they played incredible Floyd shows in various theaters throughout the Netherlands. After Glenn’s departure, Hans joined KEPLR, a project band which already included Glenn (founder) and Remco.

Pink Floyd remains an irresitable ‘itch’ and Hans’s birthday in december 2017 is the perfect occassion to perform this music with a group of great musicians. One Of These Day is born! Besides guitar and vocals, Hans is producer and co-developer of the Childhood’s End tour.

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